whose aim is to help others become rooted in the realm of health that Mother Nature intended! 

Marissa doesn't believe in temporary diets or quick fixes. She is a realist with clients and uses a holistic coaching approach that focuses on managing both diet and lifestyle habits of her clients to achieve maintainable health and weight loss.  

She stands by her 'flexatarian' approach because she understands compliance to a healthy lifestyle is not about being extreme, it is about being consistent. 

Her areas of expertise include digestive healing, hormone balancing, weight loss, detoxification and performance enhancement.

Marissa Liana

Holistic Nutritionist

Marissa Liana is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Health Coach 

Bikini Bod Beat the Bloat Digestive Healing Ebook
Fresh Start Holistic Detox Ebook

Marissa Liana has been featured on www.gnc.com

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