The Dish On Digestion Ebook

The Dish On Digestion Ebook


Did you know that a poor-functioning digestive system is the root cause to many pathogenic conditions like skin issues such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, auto-immune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's, crohn's and colitis, allergies, depression, and poor nutritional status. 


It is true. I am sure you have heard the saying "you are what you eat", which is to some degree true... but more importantly, you ARE what you DIGEST AND ABSORB. Without proper digestion and absorption, the foods we eat can not be broken down properly to extract the nutrients we need for optimal health and vitality. 


In The Dish On Digestion Ebook, I go over 53 ways to improve the functioning of your digestive system, today! 


A few things I cover include: 


1) Meal timing and digestion
2) Digestion disturbing ingredients
3) Uncovering food sensitivities
4) Emotional link to digestive distress
5) Mindful eating and mechanical breakdown
6) Coconut oil benefits for digestion
7) Digestion and exercise 
8) Irritable bowel syndrome 

10) Gut health in infancy


At the end of this ebook, I highly recommend you get a more personalized and in depth approach to digestive healing, either through my other ebooks like Beat the Bloat (click here), Digestive Healing Guide To Managing Autoimmunity (click here), or my Healthy Skin From Within Ebook (click here). 


You can also contact me to work with you one-on-one, where I will develop a health protocol and meal plan for your distinct needs.  Please click here for client inquiries. 




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"So far things are going really well! My digestive system has improved significantly and I'm able to go through my day without feeling exceptionally hungry! It's nice to always have a quick and easy snack with me."

Shanice H


Hi Marissa,

I am doing really well since our last consultation. I have made the switch off the pill (which I'm very happy I have!) and have started taking the supplements that you recommended to me.

I am feeling great so far, it has only been a short time but I've already started to notice slight changes. 

Everything is going really well, I no longer have any cravings, and I have no bloating after any of my meals, as well as more energy throughout the whole day :) 

I've really been noticing a big difference with no dairy, gluten and red meats in my diet. No more bloated feeling or that feeling of a rock sitting in my stomach. It's been very positive in the way of changes since starting the diet plan and supplement recommendations you've given me.

Amy R


"Overall I have been incredibly happy with the meal plan and I am very glad I did it.

The first week I followed almost entirely to the tee. I started weighing in at 120 and by the end of the first week, I was at 115! I went from eating chocolate bars almost every day and lots of carbs like pasta and bread to feeling nourished from the plan you created. I am also very pleased to incorporate so much green into my diet. I have always wanted to but never really known how and this diet has really shown me how to do all that. Plus the recipes are delicious!! 

My energy had improved and I feel I have been craving much less sugar (both in drinks and in food) which is a big deal. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done and I am really looking forward to learning more from you and sticking with eating consciously for the rest of my life. 

Is there a week three?! Haha.

Overall I have been incredibly happy with the meal plan and I am very glad I did it."

Amber G


Thank you so much for making such a comprehensive and amazing ebook! I absolutely LOVE all the recipes, I actually look forward to meal time now! Following this guide has definitely helped me keep myself accountable and forced me to take the time to actually plan out my days ahead of time so I feel much more organized and less stressed about meals. I also feel like my sugar cravings have gone way down, which is a huge win! 

I also feel like the supplements you recommended have helped a lot in terms of helping with digestion and keeping me regular. My energy levels have also noticeably improved. 



Tiffany C



Courtice, ON, Canada