Will eating vegan/vegetarian eliminate midsection weight gain?

February 8, 2018

Will eating vegan/vegetarian eliminate midsection weight gain?

This is an interesting question and a common concern of many people! Firstly let me start by saying that any diet, whether that’s vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic, or Paleo can be amazing for you OR horrible for you (and your midsection) if done incorrectly. The quality of your food and where it comes from is probably more important than any “diet” you are following #KeepItSimple.

With that being said, I DEFINITELY think that a proper plant-based diet (just eating MORE PLANTS - which is very common when you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet) can decrease midsection weight gain! But why? 

1) When you eat more plans, you consume more fiber! Fiber is SO important to bind and eliminate excess hormones like estrogen, which is associated and often the culprit of midsection weight gain. Cruciferous plants also contain indole-3-carbinol which improves liver detoxification and removes excess estrogen/hormones from the body which contribute to weight gain and estrogen dominant conditions.

2) More plants = more food for our body’s beneficial bacteria. Plants and fiber are PRE-biotics which feed our PRO-biotics and keep them healthy. Healthy probiotics help to regulate inflammation and hormonal balance for an overall healthy hormonal profile and fat distribution.

3) When you lessen animal protein in your diet, you remove an added source of hormones and antibiotics if you’re eating factory-farmed animals. This one speaks for itself for creating a healthier hormonal profile in the body! 

If you want help doing the same and you’re looking for a total hormonal detox and diet refresh, I recommend checking out my Fresh Start 14-Day Holistic Detox in the Shop section of my website.



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