Why eating 'clean' isn't enough for optimal health.

March 11, 2018

Are you constantly eating the SAME foods over and over again? I see this a lot in the fitness community #mealprep #broccoliandrice #turkeyandquinoa #oatsandeggs Or simply not eating much of anything from the earth that is plant based? Although you may be eating healthy or 'clean' foods often, you’re still putting your health and immune system at risk. Here’s why:


The collection of bacteria living in and on our body is referred to as the 'microbiome’ and consists of about 100 trillion bacterial cells, the highest concentration of which is in your gut. 


Having a wide DIVERSITY of these microbes is essential to protect our health and immune system. Different foods feed different microbes. Unfortunately, many of us have compromised microbiomes because we are eating the standard American diet that is high in sugar, refined carbohydrate grains, processed foods, artificial sweeteners and antibiotics, and LOW in a VARIETY of FRUITS AND VEGGIES. 


When our gut’s microbes are not flourishing, we extract fewer nutrients from our foods and, are more prone to being OVERWEIGHT because bacteria interact with hormones in our guts that regulate appetite, such as leptin and ghrelin.


What must you do? Eat more plant foods! Fruits and vegetables contain fibres and plant chemicals which feed your gut bacteria and help it grow which is why they’re crucial to a healthy gut, just as probiotics are, which feed the microbes in the gut.  Aim for a minimum of 8 different plant foods per day, the majority of which should come from vegetables and a portion coming from natural fruits.


In my Bikini Bod Beat The Bloat Ebook, I provide you with a 14-day digestive healing meal plan that supports your gut and helps to heal your digestion. Visit the 'shop' section of my website for more info!





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