How To Alkalize The Body For Glowing Skin, Digestive Health And Improved Energy

December 8, 2018

Keeping the body’s pH in balance helps to create the optimal internal environment for overall good health. Studies have shown that maintaining a balanced internal pH can improve immune health, reduce inflammation, promote glowing skin and reduce acne, prevent degenerative disease, promote bone health, and improve digestion. 




Being too acidic (lower pH level in the body) is associated with lowered oxygenation which negatively affects digestive function and rate of digestion. When food takes longer to digest, it can ferment causing fermentation acid to build up which then worsens the sensation of heartburn and bloating/gas.




1) Eating a more alkaline diet! Alkaline foods include dark green vegetables such as spinach, kale, wheat grass and alfalfa, in addition to bananas, lemons and apple cider vinegar (although acidic, they turn alkaline in the body!).


2) Avoid or limit foods that increase acidity in the body such as refined sugar, grains, processed foods, fried foods and refined oils like canola oil, and red meats. 


3) Start your morning with a mineral-enhanced beverage such as Rise And Shine Alkaline Mineral Drink by Prairie Naturals. I am a true believer in the positive power of a morning ritual! When I drink my greens and alkaline mineral water in the morning, I feel rejuvenated, energized and ready to take on the day.

Prairie Naturals Rise and Shine is Formulated by Holistic who has used highly absorbable minerals and aloe vera to help gently balances internal body pH and promotes an alkaline environment. Daily use helps to rejuvenate cells and organs, increases energy levels, boosts athletic endurance and improves mental acuity. Easily mix this powder into hot or cold beverages. It is 100% vegan and gluten free!


Medicinal Ingredients: Each scoop (8.4g) contains:
Lemon fruit 5.5:1 extract (citrus limon) 30% citric acid  –  3,034 mg
equivalent to 16,687 mg of Lemon fruit juice powder
Aloe leaf gel organic (aloe barbedenasis) 200:1 extract  –  150 mg
equivalent to 30,000 mg of Aloe leaf gel powder
Magnesium citrate (120 mg elemental magnesium)  –  750 mg
Calcium citrate (90 mg elemental calcium)  –  429 mg
Potassium citrate (100 mg elemental potassium)  –  278 mg
Citric acid anhydrous  –  54.4 mg
Manganese Citrate (0.4mg elemental manganese)  –  1.4 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Organic lemon flavour, natural maple flavour, Celtic sea salt (LePaludier), silicon dioxide, stevia rebaudiana leaf extract.


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