Why eating high fat will not be detrimental to your heart health.

February 26, 2019

Why eating high fat will not be detrimental to your heart health. (️Heart month awareness/appreciation post).



The photo below illustrates guidelines which closely resemble the recommendations for a 'heart healthy diet'. As you can see, these recommendations place a large focus on starchy carbohydrates as the main source of our calories. 

Heart foundations today are behind the science by continuing to recommend consuming large quantities of carbohydrates and only a small amount of fat, while still advising to stay away from saturated fat because of its link to high cholesterol, which we now know is not true!


Why do so many people fear fat with the belief that saturated fat will raise cholesterol and cause heart disease?


ONE STUDY, formed by a scientist by the name of Ancel Keys, looked at people’s diet and of these people, who died of heart disease. His study showed that low saturated fat intake was ASSOCIATED with low rates of heart disease.

Problem? Association does not = CAUSATION.


For example, just because people who wear purple more often get cancer, does not mean that wearing purple CAUSES cancer. In fact, the study revealed that the strongest correlation to cardiovascular death was SUGAR/Refined Carbs.


Since then, billions of dollars have been spent on trying to prove that saturated fat causes heart disease, and not 1 study has been able to prove Ancel Key’s hypothesis. Today, the 2nd leading cause of death in Canada is still heart disease. This low fat way of eating for over 50 years is clearly not working.


We are now recognizing the importance of lower carbohydrate diets and the BENEFITS of higher fat diets. This also means not being scared of cholesterol or saturated fats, such as the cholesterol that is in whole eggs. 


To yield perspective, several recent studies published have actually demonstrated that by using a very high fat diet, including saturated fat, you could reverse 60% of type 2 diabetes in a year, get 100% of people off the main diabetes medications, 94% of participants lowered their insulin, and there was an average of 12% weight loss in participants! We know that diabetes is a major risk factor for heart disease because high glucose levels in the blood damage the arteries, so why is this not being taken into greater consideration?

Unfortunately, the current government guidelines still give the impression that dietary fat should be kept to a minimum. 


So how did the Government get the food guidelines terribly wrong?

It’s shocking but our current guidelines are not backed up by significant* evidence based research. The major contributor to the belief that fat is the culprit to heart disease relied on weak observational data, food frequency questionnaires (not reliable at all) and one study from Ancel Keys who got his hands into the American Heart Association. Since then, not a single study has proven cause and effect for fats leading to increased disease and we continue to see the benefits of lower carb, higher fat diets. 


This next photo below illustrates how we now know we SHOULD be eating for optimal heart health.


 (photo source: https://drhyman.com/blog/2016/02/26/how-our-government-made-us-fat-and-sick/) 


Reducing the consumption of refined carbs including grains and cereals, and replacing them with non-starchy vegetables, grass-fed animal proteins protein and healthy fats, followed then by fruits/starchy carbs, is a much better guide on how to keep your heart and overall body healthy. 


With the 2nd leading cause of death in Canada still being heart disease, it is obvious that the procedures and policies are way behind the science. This low fat way of eating for over 50 years is clearly not working. 

Fortunately, more practitioners and functional medicine doctors are taking note of the new-age research, but we as a nation definitely have much more to do. 


Pairing healthy eating with research backed herbs, foods and botanicals, we can take better control of our own health, and heart health. 


Healthy Planet Canada offers some amazing heart-healthy products that I would love to share with you guys.


If you're not eating at least 2-3 servings of fatty fish/omega 3 sources per week, I highly recommend supplementing with a fish oil supplement containing a high concentration of EPA and DHA.


Make sure that the source of fish oil is coming from wild-caught fish, not factory-farmed. Smaller fish such as anchovy and sardine will also contains less heavy metals and contaminates, so these are preferred.  My personal favourite brand is Genuine Health's Omega 3+ from Healthy Planet. Click here to learn more. 


I am also a huge fan of the Strauss Heart Drop formula.

This product contains an all natural blend of Garlic (bulb), Hawthorn (berry), Mistletoe, (leaf) (stem), Motherwort (aerial), Cayenne pepper (fruit), Hawthorn (leaf) (flower), Bilberry (leaf), White Willow (bark), Water, and Alcohol.


These ingredients have been shown to naturally:

  • Maintain blood supply to the heart

  • Clear blocked arteries

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Support healthy heart action

  • Promote healthy circulation

  • Maintain normal triglyceride and cholesterol levels

  • Treat painful or unsightly varicose veins

  • Promote normal vision

  • Increase Energy levels


Click here to learn more


If you want to try these products and save some money: use the discount code: Marissahealth at checkout to save 10% off your purchase of $150 or more. 

Visit www.healthyplanetcanada.com to start shopping. 


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Yours truly,


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