Top 5 reasons you NEED probiotics in your life.

July 23, 2019

Top 5 reasons you NEED probiotics in your life:


Last week I shared a video on my Instagram highlights of the 5 reasons you NEED probiotics in your life. Today, I wanted to relay that information in blog format so you have a chance to read the content as well. 


To begin, probiotics are the friendly bacteria in our bodies that keep our digestion and overall health in check by keeping the number of harmful bacteria in our bodies in-check.


People who have recently been on a round or several rounds of antibiotics, those on medications like the birth control pill or NSAIDS, those eating a poor diet high in processed foods, and individuals who are chronically stressed are likely to have compromised gut bacteria. These people especially, will benefit from introducing a probiotic. 


Aside from those who have compromised microbiomes, there are still several reasons for healthy individuals, and those looking to improve their health to take a probiotic.


Here are the top 5 reasons you NEED probiotics in your life:


1) Weight management / Hunger 


Studies have shown that lean individuals compared to those who are overweight actually have very different gut-flora. 

In mice studies, they have even shown that transplanting strains of beneficial bacteria/probitoics from lean mice into obese mice, has resulted in weight loss in the obese mice. The same was true for the opposite when they transplanted obese mice bacteria into lean mice, the lean mice experienced significant weight gain, with a controlled diet. 


This in part may be due to the influence that probiotics have on appetite and fat storage from their production of appetite controlling hormones and their influence on how many nutrients and calories are absorbed from the foods we eat. 





2) Digestion - IBS / Diarrhea / constipation 


Probiotics have many research studies demonstrating their ability to have a positive impact on reducing IBS symptoms such as 


  • Decreasing bloating

  • Decreasing gas

  • Increase regularity of bowel movements 

  • Reducing abdominal pain


They do this by crowding out the bad bacteria in the body that cause these symptoms, reduce inflammation in the body which reduces pain and strengthening the lining of the intestines. 


The probiotics in particular which have been the most widely studied are Lactobacillus strains, and Bifidobacterium strains. This is what it is important to get a multi-strain probiotic instead of reinoculating one single strain back into the body.



3) Allergy resistance 


The latest studies surrounding probiotics have actually shown that probiotics help with reducing the symptoms of allergies from both food and the environment through their ability to influence the body’s immune response to allergens. The mechanism of how probiotics regulate hypersensitivity is not yet fully understood, but this is a very fascinating and emerging benefit of probiotics. 


In relation to this, studies have also shown that women who deliver their babies vaginally, which pass the beneficial bacteria to their babies, results in babies who are less likely to develop allergies later in life compared to those born from c-section.



4) Immune function 


Did you know that approximately 70-80% of the body’s immune system actually resides in gut! Optimal immunity is therefore achieved with improving gut health, and taking probiotics is one of the best ways to do that, in conjunction with removing processed foods and medications that harm our body beneficial bacteria.


An example of improved immunity in relation to probiotics is that studies have shown that infants who received vaginal births or supplemented with a probiotic were significantly less likely to develop eczema later in life, which is an auto-immune condition (improper immune response). 



5) Mood / mood altering toxins 



Lastly, probiotics not only have the ability to influence our gut-health, they actually have the ability to influence our mental health!

Approximately 90% of our body's serotonin is produced in our gut. Serotonin is our "feel good" neurotransmitter. When levels fall too low, we can experience increased anxiety and depression, even excess hunger. Our gut is in constant communication with our brain via the *enteric nervous system. When our gut health and microbiome is compromised, so is our body's ability to produce adequate serotonin as certain bacteria in our guts aid in its production. Nourish your gut with a probiotic supplement and proper diet, and you will nourish your mind as well! 



If you are looking for a complete digestive healing plan that will help you improve your immune health, mood, digestion, hormones and weight, I recommend my BEAT THE BLOAT EBOOK MEAL PLAN AND PROTOCOL. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.







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