Lose Weight And Get Healthy With These 5 Healthy Habits In 2020

January 29, 2020

Current research suggests that it takes about 8 weeks on average to create a new habit.

Of course there are many individual factors that can influence this duration, while some people are able to create new habits in as little as 18 days.


Habits are defined as regular tendencies or practices that are hard to give up. When these tendencies support health, such as engaging in regular physical activity, making healthy food choices, and getting enough sleep each night, this is beneficial to health. Unfortunately for many, unhealthy habits have been developed over time which lead people to gain weight, experience chronic fatigue, and develop poor health conditions.


It being a new decade, it is truly the perfect time to start creating new healthy habits for yourself. I wanted to share with you 6 of my favourite practices that will lead you to develop new behaviours and ultimately habits over time!



  1. Set aside 1-2 days each week to create a grocery list for meal-prep. 


Taking the time to write a weekly grocery list for yourself and planning out a few meals is a food-proof way to stay on track throughout the week. When your kitchen is stocked with the healthiest options, there is much less temptation to order in, dine out or make a meal that will leave you feeling unwell. 


In my 21-day Reset Meal Plan, weekly grocery lists of every item needed are provided to make shopping easy for the week! Click HERE to learn more.


Link: https://www.marissaliana.com/product-page/2020-reset-meal-plan-workouts




Lastly for this portion, there is the option to try out a meal-prep delivery company like Live Fit Foods. This company has healthy meals of your choice and dietary preference delivered right to your door each week! 


Some of my favourite meal packages they offer include the ‘Gluten Free Package’ and the ‘Fat Burner Package’. They even offer a ‘Student Package’ containing a variety of meals that busy students enjoy the most!


SAVE $10.00 at checkout when you use the code: MARISSABLFP10 


Student: https://livefitfood.ca/collections/lifestyle-meal-packages/products/student-package?variant=30839909067


Gluten free: https://livefitfood.ca/collections/lifestyle-meal-packages/products/gluten-free-package?variant=31202714699


Fat burner: https://livefitfood.ca/collections/lifestyle-meal-packages/products/the-easy-package?variant=27257997707



2) Daily movement 


Creating healthy habits is best achieved when you shift your overall lifestyle. From personal experience and feedback from clients over the years, it is much easier to make healthy choices in general when you are exercising daily. 


Daily movement doesn’t have to be daunting or strenuous either. The benefits of a long walk outdoors can be just as beneficial to your health as an intense sweat-session in the gym. Exercise is very effective at boosting your mood, supporting your hormones and even boosting your immune health for overall vitality. When we FEEL well, we are much more likely to choose subsequent healthy behaviours to engage in. 


In my 21-Day Reset Meal Plan, I’ve laid out 7 fat-blasting circuit workouts that can easily be done from home, or anywhere, any time! Learn more HERE. 




3) Water goals


Feeling tired and bloated definitely don’t work in your favour when you are trying to engage in healthier practices. Dehydration slows the metabolism, hinders energy levels, reduces athletic performance and has a negative impact on digestive health. Create the habit of carrying around a large water bottle to drink throughout the day. I have been doing this since high school, and I can attest to the benefits it has had on my skin, digestion, energy and overall health! 



When you consume more water, its also likely your STEPS will increase…. Due to… more trips to the bathroom! It’s all about the lifestyle, ya know?


You can also check out these cute tea-tumblers for your beverages as a fun way to get more liquids! 




Code MARLI25 saves you 25% off your orders.




4) Create a nightly sleep routine 


Sleep, something we could all use more of. One of my major resolutions in 2020 was actually to get more sleep by creating healthier night-time routines. Make a conscious effort to be OFF of your electronic devices by a certain hour every night. I have done this, in addition to nightly meditations and my sleep schedule has definitely been more regular. 


Lack of sleep can effect your hunger and insulin levels negatively, which can negatively effect your food choices the next day. Improving sleep quality and duration can definitely set you up for overall better habits.


Try the app “CALM” if falling asleep to calming white noise is something that helps you. I love the raindrop setting for a background noise while I fall into a deep sleep. 



5) Snack smart!


Having healthy snacks in the house is so under-rated! I am a realist when it comes to a long-term approach to healthy eating, and I think that finding healthy alternatives to generally 'unhealthy' snacks is a great approach to that. One of my new favourite snacks is 'smart sweets' candy, which is candy that has:


  • 88% less sugar than the other sour gummies

  • 32% less calories than the other sour gummies

  • Free from Sugar Alcohols

  • Free from Artificial Flavours + Colors

  • Gluten Free + Non-GMO 

Code: marissasweets saves you $$$ on online purchases HERE.


Side note: all one-on-one clients get a free ebook guide into my favourite healthy snack and treat substitutions! Click  HERE to learn more.



I hope you found this helpful! Share and comment any feedback!

Love you all.

XO Sincerely,





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Lose Weight And Get Healthy With These 5 Healthy Habits In 2020

January 29, 2020

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