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Before I started working with Marissa, I didn't know what it was like to feel normal. That may sound overdramatic or cliche, but I really don't know how else to explain it. At 28 years old, I had spent nearly all of my life unwell and I had essentially given up on trying to get better. I would be lying if I said that my expectations were high - or even positive - when I first heard of and approached Marissa. After years of interacting with various doctors, practitioners and personal trainers, and never making any progress towards feeling better, I really didn't have high hopes for her services. But I went in with an open mind, with the hope that I would at least gain some new knowledge and insight, maybe some new recipes, or a better understanding of how to structure all of the things that I thought I was already doing right when it came to nutrition. From her very first response, via email, that outlined her suspicions about what could be contributing to my relentless symptoms, I felt a flicker of hope. Maybe, just maybe, this person could provide me some relief. Keep in mind, that after nearly 21 years of feeling unwell....a flicker was enough to light a fire. My mindset changed almost immediately. I felt myself opening up, focusing inwards, and wondering if fate had a hand in what had just transpired and in what was to come.

Marissa's strategies were different than anyone that I've worked with prior. She asked me literally thousands of questions, and took her time processing the results. She gave me only a little bit of information at a time over the course of three weeks, really encouraging me to take in the little treasures of insight that she provided and apply them, before moving on to the next step of her protocol. At the time, I was honestly anxious and impatient for more information. I felt like, "Come on, you have the recipe to my success! Give it all to me now! I've waited long enough!" But in hindsight, I realized that it was absolutely the best strategy that she could have done. It forced me to take it slow and change my habits and lifestyle in a way where they actually stuck. It forced me to acknowledge just how unwell I had been for years, just how much I've suffered, and just how committed I would have to be to get better. During this process, I've never once felt overwhelmed, nor have I ever felt shocked or deprived. Though my current protocol is quite restrictive, my cravings are nearly non-existent. My mindset on food and eating has shifted tremendously, but my love for cooking and whipping things up in the kitchen is flourishing like never before. I'm also down 13lbs, rarely bloated, and I have an abundance of energy unlike anything I've felt before - without any caffeine required.  

Marissa has been the light at the end of a lifelong tunnel for me. She's given me knowledge, hope, compassion, understanding, and support unlike any other practitioner or doctor. From that very first email, Marissa displayed the utmost professionalism, an incredible intuition, a widespread education and passion for what she does, and an unwavering compassion for people and their struggles. I am so incredibly grateful that she has come into my life and has helped me begin this journey to wellness. We've been working together for about 6 weeks and during this time I have experienced days where I have honestly felt the best I have ever felt in my entire life. I've developed an incredible amount of self awareness and have learned so much about myself, about the way my body and system reacts, and in how to best to nourish myself. Though I'm not yet at the end of the tunnel, I feel more confident in this journey and the steps that I'm taking than I've ever felt before. If you have any doubts into hiring a nutritionist, really ask yourself, "What do I have to lose?"...I had no idea just how much I would gain by choosing to work with Marissa <3 

Larissa K

Growing up I’ve always suffered from digestive issues, ranging from unexplained bloating to just general intestinal discomfort. There has always been over the counter ‘solutions’, such as antacids, natural laxatives, teas, and other options, but I grew tired of spending the time, effort, and money on these different products that would work for a small while, and then offer no relief. I wanted to look at healing the issues I was experiencing, not just masking them for a short while.

So, I decided to contact Marissa and talk to her about my concerns, and I am so glad that I did. Marissa took the time to have an actual conversation with me about the issues I was having, what I was looking to accomplish through her program, and what I thought would keep me successful in my health and fitness goals. I was impressed of her extensive knowledge of the human body and her research on holistic nutrition, as well as her personable approach to helping me. She took into account my personal and family health history, daily lifestyle, and my goals to create a personalized diet, exercise, and supplement program to help me correct my digestive issues, and to keep me on a healthy and natural path to reaching my fitness and weight-loss goals. By taking the time to explain to me not only what I needed to include in my diet, but what I needed to remove from my diet and why, really helped me to understand and tune-in to what my body needs, and I believe that is why I have been so successful on her program. Understanding the science and reasoning behind why you are doing something makes you so much more committed to sticking to your resolve, and will ultimately make you more successful.

I am so thankful for Marissa and her efforts in truly wanting to help me. Because of her I am much more in tune to my body and its needs, I understand my nutritional needs much more, my digestive issues from before are now non-existent, and I’ve been seeing steady, healthy weight-loss results from following her program.

Samantha P

After working with Marissa, I am feeling fantastic. I feel more alive than ever and now I always love going too the gym for an awesome workout. My husband can't get over where I get all of my energy. 

My clothes are fitting totally differently too, and I can even tell the difference from pictures! Even my face seems so much healthier.

The protocol and meal plan Marissa made for me keeps me feeling full all of the time. I am so happy how much I have learned since meeting and working with Marissa.

Darlene S

Marissa's guidance and knowledge have been a great benefit to both my physical and mental health and my overall lifestyle change. 

In following her meal plan recommendations, exercise guidelines and supplement information, I have been able to shed pounds, tone my body and improve my health and outlook on life. 

The meal plan she provides is not a fad diet but a healthy way of eating that one can follow throughout life, yo-yo dieting. 

Marissa provides a unique service unlike any I have formerly experienced. Most nutritionists do not offer the range of services she provides; encompassing a comprehensive analysis (and subsequent recommendations) of each person's personal needs in the areas of health, diet, exercise, supplement information and lifestyle choices. She is available on a regular basis for consultation. She spends more than enough time in meeting with clients to organize protocols, monitor progress and review and update protocols. 

I credit Marissa with inspiring me to be the best I can be through healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices...and in designing a plan that I can sustain throughout my life. 

Kellie M

I have known Marissa for approximately 20 years. I am very proud to see her so successful in her chosen career as a Holistic Nutritionist with a background in Kinesiology that she is clearly very passionate about.

I personally have been working with her for a couple of months and have learned that she is very knowledgeable in her chosen profession.

I can attest to the fact that she has become healthier, happier and leaner with the changes she has made in her own life due to education and food choices.

As a result, I decided to hire Marissa to help me get healthier as I age. I am learning from her what works for me, what I was doing wrong, where I could improve and in the process feel like I am twenty again…..NOT! But, I do feel like I am. I have more energy, stamina, better digestion and my skin has also improved immensely. I thought I had Rosacea but since I have been working with Marissa, it has improved to the point that it is almost non-existent. In time, I believe it will be totally gone.

With these improvements and lifestyle changes, I now have the energy and knowledge to continue my own personal journey  to live a healthier life. I hope that in time I will now be able to lose the weight I gained after having two children and from when I quitting smoking.

Marissa is very helpful in sharing her knowledge; once she gets to know you she will design a personal protocol just for you, holds you accountable, checks in with you often and answers any questions that may come up along the way.

The protocol and meal plans have never left me feeling deprived or hungry; in fact I can’t usually consume everything she has listed and outlined. The recipes she includes are easy and delicious which make it easier to implement the changes long term. The recipes are full of nutrient rich dense foods full of antioxidants which are very tasty.

I wish her nothing but success as she continues to grow as a person and in her already successful business.

Janet H

When I first started working with Marissa, I was struggling with more than just being overweight. I had constant heartburn, fatigue, bloat, and was starting to get joint pain before I even turned 30. I always knew that a lot of what I was experiencing was due to being overweight, but I had no idea how much of it was also due to my nutrition. After my diet analysis and completing a very detailed questionnaire, Marissa spent a lot of time educating me about which nutrients I was deficient in and how we can address this with my personalized diet and supplement protocol. This education is what I feel sets Marissa apart from other health-care professionals – she didn’t just tell me what to do, but also why and how to do it. Within a week of starting my protocol, I was already noticing improvements in my energy levels, digestion, and heartburn. A few months later, I am more than 30 lbs lighter than when I started and Marissa continues to motivate me to accomplish my goals. I look forward to working with her for the foreseeable future!

Manuel V

For the past few years, I have been struggling with a skin condition that was embarrassing for me to have and hard for me to deal with as there was no way to treat it completely. After a lot of research, it was sourced from a type of yeast. I went to Marissa because she is a kind, intelligent and remarkable friend. 

She helped me in understanding how important a diet is to the body and soul; she even gave me an understanding to the yeast that was accumulating in my body. She provided very detailed explanations of how certain foods can affect the progression of yeast and the different ways to start a detox regimen that didn’t leave me starving for food. I loved meeting with her and letting Marissa know the improvements I was witnessing, my condition has subsided significantly to the point where it has almost completely disappeared. Who doesn’t love healthy skin! I am very grateful for this experience with Marissa and allowing her to expand her knowledge about how Mother Nature can aid the body to a healthier you.

Shanice H

Hi Marissa,

I am doing really well since our last consultation. I have made the switch off the pill (which I'm very happy I have!) and have started taking the supplements that you recommended to me.

I am feeling great so far, it has only been a short time but I've already started to notice slight changes. 

Everything is going really well, I no longer have any cravings, and I have no bloating after any of my meals, as well as more energy throughout the whole day :) 

I've really been noticing a big difference with no dairy, gluten and red meats in my diet. No more bloated feeling or that feeling of a rock sitting in my stomach. It's been very positive in the way of changes since starting the diet plan and supplement recommendations you've given me.

Amy R

 So here I am going on my final week of my six week challenge and am so happy with my results this far.  I really didn’t think I could have transformed my body in such a short time.  Not only have I lost 14 pounds I have lost inches! With the combination of my personal training workouts  with Anya from Budo and your amazing meal plans not only did the weight come off but I actual feel fit and healthy.  I honestly haven’t felt this way in years!  At 47 I feel in better shape than I did in my 30s. Your meal plans have taught me what whole foods are and the way we should be eating.  Although my challenge is coming to an end I will continue to implement this clean eating in my everyday life because I just feel so much better and healthier.  Thank you Marissa so very much for your guidance and teaching me that eating healthy does not mean cutting calories or fat.  You are a wonderful and encouraging person. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals!!

Sabrina N

Marissa Liana has been so helpful with my fitness goals! I’m a vegetarian, suffer with many digestive issues and I’m currently training for my first body building competition. Marissa has managed to create easy to follow meal plans, with tons of variety and delicious meals that also meet my macros!
She’s also great at checking in and replying to my questions, as I have a lot due to the fact that I’m still learning. I’m seeing a healthy progress, and I’m sure with Marissa’s help I’ll reach my goals in no time!


Laura S

Since I've started working with Marissa, I've noticed such a huge difference in my overall health and wellbeing. I struggled with many digestive issues, and had a total lack of knowledge when it came to what I should be doing to improve these. Marissa was so supportive throughout the entire process, from regular check-ins, keeping me motivated, listening to all of my concerns, and cheering me on throughout. I found her to be very personable and easy to talk to, always answering any questions I've had. With the personalized meal plan and supplement recommendations from Marissa, my digestive and health issues have greatly improved, and continue to improve since I began working with Marissa. I'm so much more in tune with what my body is telling me it needs and what doesn't work for me. I'm very happy and completely satisfied with what I've learned, and continue to learn from working with Marissa, I definitely could not have done this without her support and guidance throughout the entire process. 

Thank you so much! 


Amy R

Although I've always lead a healthy and active lifestyle I have had a tendency to "yoyo" diet to get the results I've wanted, which most times ended up doing more harm than good. Marissa has helped me to sustain a nutritious diet which has eliminated all of my previous sugar/carb cravings, improved my energy to levels never reached before, kept me full,  and most importantly educated me on my diet.

Living long distance - in Australia did not make one difference to my success. Marissa was able to schedule Skype sessions and was always available to answer emails whenever  I had questions. She even assisted me in finding some of the right health and food products here in Australia. Another thing I really like about working with Marissa is that she is always sending amazing recipes that are easy to follow (love your chia pudding, pancakes and of course your bulletproof coffee!).  She also does check-ins to help you stay on track which I love.

Many people will say following a diet is too hard or restrictive however when you work with Marissa it is not about dieting but becomes a way of life. She has taught me that I don't have to have a restrictive diet but rather changing things up to find the healthiest alternatives is the best approach!

Kellea D

Thank you so much for making such a comprehensive and amazing ebook! I absolutely LOVE all the recipes, I actually look forward to meal time now! Following this guide has definitely helped me keep myself accountable and forced me to take the time to actually plan out my days ahead of time so I feel much more organized and less stressed about meals. I also feel like my sugar cravings have gone way down, which is a huge win! 

I also feel like the supplements you recommended have helped a lot in terms of helping with digestion and keeping me regular. My energy levels have also noticeably improved. 

Thank you,


Tiffany C


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